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Customer Service

We are the “people people” who stand behind our products and remain 100 percent focused on our consumers. We have a passion for solving problems positively and finding ways to delight and treat every consumer as if we’re talking to a best friend. We aim to please while answering thousands of calls and emails each day.

Distribution Centers

An incredible amount of product passes through our two Distribution Centers each day. With first, second and third shift coverage, we are operational for as many as 20 hours per day, seven days a week. You haven’t seen hard work until you’ve spent some time with us — both day AND night!

Engineering & Supply Chain

We are a fast-moving team of quick-thinkers. Our focus on creating, packaging and shipping products is what fills shelves and pegs across the planet. We are engineers, industrial designers, buyers and assemblers who work together to deliver high-quality products on time and on budget.


We manage the business by supporting the teams making, selling, marketing and delivering our products. We like to think of ourselves as “essential personnel” because it takes special people to battle budgets and account for every penny!

Product & Innovation

We are the visionary Otters who get to explore and invent new technologies, innovate our current products, test innovative materials and investigate devices to bring cutting-edge products to life. Market research tells us what our customers want and we make the magic happen to deliver new products they never knew they needed.


Without us no one would get anything done. We make sure phones, computers, servers and systems are up and running night and day. We work around the clock so that everything runs smoothly for every department and employee.


Our CEO sleeps at night knowing we vigorously protect our most valuable assets from unauthorized use. Otter Products patents, intellectual property and brands are all in good hands with us on watch. We diligently work to keep every Otter Products entity protected.


We are market-savvy Otters who excel at brand strategy, customer and consumer needs, website development and e-commerce, event strategy, public relations, social media, business insights and customer service. We deliver one-of-a-kind marketing campaigns for both internal and external customers.
Otter Products employees

Otter Relations

Our people approach is about partnering — not governing. As a team, we enable, support and drive personal and business success. We focus on recruitment, organizational development, compliance, employee relations and designing an unbelievable total rewards package.


It’s easy to sell when you’re proud of the high quality, in-demand brands you’re selling. We get to be the face of our strategic partnerships and we know our partners’ success depends on us. We make sure they have the marketing, data and sales tools to drive their business. As a team, we’re challenged to anticipate and exceed expectations, and we’re rewarded accordingly.


Otter Products opened its regional Asia-Pacific (APAC) headquarters in Hong Kong in 2011. We currently sell into 15 markets in Asia: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. By focusing on our people, products and communities we’re successfully creating brand advocates throughout the region.


This passionate team is focused on growing Otter Products business throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. EMEA headquarters was established in 2010, in Cork, Ireland, with a sub-office in Munich, Germany, which opened in 2014. Focused on fostering and enhancing relationships with partners, this team has seen amazing growth for the Otter Products brands across the region.
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